Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Lego Movie (2014) Trailer

The next toy-based film is coming in 2014 and features one of the most universally loved toys of all time: Legos! A movie based on Legos is hardly an original concept, one needs only to search YouTube to find thousands of stop motion videos made with Legos. I even created several videos myself years ago and surprisingly I was able to find one of the files on a flash drive and uploaded it to YouTube. It is a silly short film largely characterized by being out of focus. This upcoming Warner Brothers film looks to be created using computer animation meant to look like stop motion and should remain in focus throughout the entire feature.

I am completely surprised that this film even has a recognizable cast (Heard of someone named Will Ferrell? How about Liam Neeson? Alison Brie? Nick Offerman? Elizabeth Banks? Morgan Freeman? Will Arnett?)

Now I like Legos as much as anyone else (see my video above and note the date) and I like the people in the cast.  But I really don't think these wonderful things will come together well, and I expect the film to rate 6/10. The trailer really isn't great besides the initial OMG! Legos and I give it a 5/10. Don't watch this film in the theater unless you're incredibly bored and have tons of money to spend on the 3D release.

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