Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cloud Atlas (2012)

I have at least two other topics I have been planning to blog about, but after watching this trailer, I had to write about it. I had not heard anything about this movie prior to noticing the trailer on the IMDb homepage and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked this trailer for several reasons:

1. It was an extended trailer, clocking in at 5:42. I absolutely love good extended trailers, as only a good movie can make a good extended trailer. A bad movie can get away with 2 minutes of its funniest lines or best action scenes in the trailer and fool the audience into thinking it will be a good film. However, the amount of footage required for a long trailer requires a film full of good footage to draw from. The same phenomenon is noticed with multiple trailers, as evidenced by The Dark Knight Rises. None of TDKR's trailers were ridiculously long, but there were at least two trailers released, along with at least three TV spots and perhaps some other material I did not see. All of the TDKR trailers looked awesome, portending the great movie that they were derived from.

2. The soundtrack of this trailer was amazing. A good soundtrack is one of the most important aspects of any film, and the music in the trailer hinted at a great film soundtrack.

3. The Wachowskis were involved in directing and writing this film. The Matrix series was a great trilogy, with great visuals and a compelling plot and I think that this bodes well for Cloud Atlas.

4. This film is based on a bestselling novel, providing the film with solid source material. I have not personally read the book, but I'm guessing that it must be all right given its accolades. Since the story itself has received acclaim, a well-executed film adaptation should follow in the book's footsteps.

5. The timing of the titles and the cuts from scene to scene (and ultimately, century to century) were brilliant, and combined well with the aforementioned soundtrack.

6. The prosthetics for the character transformations over time looked excellent, which is critical as they seem central to the plot.

7. The cast looks awesome, Tom Hanks is always brilliant and Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, and Jim Sturgess should all be excellent.

8. The trailer gave a glimpse of this wonderful fact: this movie has something for everyone. Whether you like films set in ancient history, not-so-ancient history, present, or the future, this film will display your favorite niche. The sets and effects for each of the different time periods look extremely well produced and developed.

9. There are clones. Clones are a wonderful addition to almost every single sci-fi film ever.

10. There is a zero-gravity scene in the trailer. Every good trailer has a zero gravity scene. (At least the ones that don't should). Don't believe me and don't want to watch the whole trailer? After realizing you aren't a human, please skip to 4:05 in the trailer.

11. There looks to be some philosophical questions and perhaps answers in this film. The titles throughout the trailer flash the words "Death, Life, Birth, Future, Present, Past, Love, Hope, Courage, Everything is Connected". The philosophical nature of this film looks interesting, and coming from the guys who made the philosophically charged Matrix trilogy, I have no doubt that this will be done well. Even if the film makes conclusions that I may not agree with, it is always fun to think through the scenarios presented in a well-written film.

I really liked this trailer and am excited for yet another film that will come out this year, specifically October 26. This has been a great year in cinema and looks to continue throughout the year. I highly suggest you watch this trailer, which will inevitably compel you to watch the film when it is released to theaters.

Final verdict: Trailer 10/10, every aspect of this trailer was amazing, spot-on, brilliant, and exciting. A very fun and entertaining trailer to watch that teases its film to the perfect level without giving away the entire plot. I expect the film to rate about 8/10, but I wouldn't be surprised if it surpassed that.

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